Duties of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer may either serve as a life saver or even a trouble maker depending on the choice you make. Enough emphasis cannot be laid on the importance of choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio for a case. Essentially, there is no educational requirement or special training required to make a lawyer a bankruptcy attorney. This means that any lawyer can handle a bankruptcy case.

It is not only important for a debtor to make the right choice when it comes to picking the right lawyer to represent you or your company in court, it is equally essential to realize what services the lawyer has to provide in lieu of the fees that you pay to the lawyer. This article covers the duties and responsibilities of a bankruptcy attorney.


Are you focus on arranging initial consultancy?

The first duty of the bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio is to arrange an initial consultancy. The purpose of this meeting is to make the debtor aware of his legal rights. The basic analysis of the extent of the debts and the finances is also one of the goals of this meeting. The total assets of the debtor are calculated and their value is listed. After the above mentioned steps have been completed the debts are classified and prioritized on the basis of most urgent loans. An initial payment plan is also proposed by the attorney and the discussion of any agreement to save any certain property from being confiscated and sold out is also laid out.

As soon as the bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio has been hired, it is his problem to deal with all the creditors. If the creditors contact you, the attorney has to deal with them on your behalf. It is very important for you to know that the creditors can only contact you if the case has yet not been taken to the court.

  • First, a case has been filed and the court gets involved the creditors can neither call you nor contact you using any other means. Once all these basics have been covered the attorney has to move towards the other steps.
  • Second, the preparation and filling of the bankruptcy petition. To fill the petition, the attorney has to go through all your financials and assets in details.

He will also require some documents to establish the case and fulfill the legal requirements. Although, this might seem simple, yet it is a very lengthy procedure as the petition form may be somewhere between thirty to sixty pages in length depending upon the extent of the bankruptcy and the number of the clients. After all the documents have been collected and gone over in detail by the attorney, he will fill the petition form and bring it to you to check for any errors or mistakes. After you cross check the forms you will sign them and the petition will be sent to the court. Once the trial begins, the lawyer will fight the case and represent you in the court as well.