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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Everything you need to know

Bankruptcy is the state when people unable to pay debts taken from the creditors or banks. When creditors file a case against debtors then it is said to be Bankruptcy case. There are several types of bankruptcy cases included in law. Chapter 7 is most common bankruptcy that can be declared with any individual or business.

Things you need to know about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the process in which debtors properties are sold and money is distributed to creditors. The court will give result to distribute money according to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The trustee that is nominated by courts will process this procedure. In this case the trustee first validates the assets from debtor and according to the market value an estimated amount will be given. These are then distributed on the acceptance of creditors.

If you are an individual and court declared Chapter 7 Bankruptcy then your assets will validate on the debt you had taken from creditors. For example you have taken $10,000 as debt and unable to repay the money then your assets will be validated according the money you had taken. The court will appoint a trustee to look after these declarations.

The debtor should acts according to this trustee words and they has full rights on your valuable assets. Once court is declared Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on any individual then their assets can lose on their debt value. The creditors can recover the money after selling these assets. There is no sure the creditors can recover full amount but they can get as much as possible from the debtor.

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common way to recover debts from debtors. In these most of the cases creditors will get maximum recover amount from the debtors. If the creditors are more number then court will distribute money in equivalence policy. The Chapter 7 has most importance from all other bankruptcy types.

There are other types of Bankrupts available that also has other importance. The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is most simple and commonest way. Courts will also find easy way to recover money from the debtors using this method. If there are no complexities between debtor and creditor then courts will solve the issue using chapter 7 methods.

How to hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer:

Hiring best bankruptcy lawyer is another complex issue. These cases are more dangerous and have several problems included as the case of money involved. Hence you need to have most experienced and skilled lawyer who can effectively wins the case against creditors. You need to hire the lawyer who has well experience and most successful wins in Bankruptcy cases.

They know how to deal with the case and provide you possible solutions to solve the problem. These people also charge you heavy prices as their experience matters. Finding right lawyer to your court works are most often important. Hence these are the things you need to know about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Guide to Legal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a tough issue to deal with all the baggage’s issues. It has all the ability to overwhelm a human. The stress and worries associated with it bankruptcy put a constant pressure on one’s mind.  One remains always be on the receiving end of all sorts of bad things like excessive phone calls, legal notices and threats of wage garnishments and lawsuits.  San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer major aim is to help you put of these situations. They services to handle your financial matters to relieve you out of stress.  As an individual or a business organization, have basically two major options when filing for bankruptcy.

  • Liquidation
  • Debt Rehabilitation
  • Business Corporations


This type of bankruptcy is more of a liquidation type of bankruptcy in which you discharge almost all of your debts. Although when you are going through the process you are allowed to keep some of your assets. But you may need to non-exempt assets.

Debt Rehabilitation:

On the other hand, bankruptcy is the type of reorganization that requires creating a payment plan to pay back your mortgagees over a specified period of time. This is a long-term process and can take over 3 to 5 years for completion. This is the best-suited option for the individuals with a regular income and for those who have the ability to make monthly payments.

Business Corporations:

Both businesses and individuals can use this type of bankruptcy. But most of the time large business corporations use this. In this type of bankruptcy, the mortgagor has control over most of his assets. No trustee is put in charge to look at the matters, the mortgagor has control over his assets under the surveillance of the court. The basic function of bankruptcy is to reorganize a particular business with the help of reconstructing measures. However, some factions of the business ownership and revenue rights can be given to the mortgagees.

After acquiring our services, you will find an instant relief from all the disturbances which you are experiencing. All the communication which happens between client and us is handled by a professional and bankruptcy lawyer. We put a special insistence on client engagement that is why we always make sure that our clients be informed in all developments happening to their case during the entire length of the case. We at San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer make sure that we guide the process to the clients which is in their best interest. For us our clients always come the first that is why put all the diligence we can gather to pay individual attention to each client. Our team consists of professional lawyers who have a considerable experience in their profession and are truly considered as top of the line. We have achieved an amazing consistency throughout the advent of our services till date. We San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer are the most sought, after the law form in the town which specializes in bankruptcy cases and other services.



Duties of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer may either serve as a life saver or even a trouble maker depending on the choice you make. Enough emphasis cannot be laid on the importance of choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio for a case. Essentially, there is no educational requirement or special training required to make a lawyer a bankruptcy attorney. This means that any lawyer can handle a bankruptcy case.

It is not only important for a debtor to make the right choice when it comes to picking the right lawyer to represent you or your company in court, it is equally essential to realize what services the lawyer has to provide in lieu of the fees that you pay to the lawyer. This article covers the duties and responsibilities of a bankruptcy attorney.


Are you focus on arranging initial consultancy?

The first duty of the bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio is to arrange an initial consultancy. The purpose of this meeting is to make the debtor aware of his legal rights. The basic analysis of the extent of the debts and the finances is also one of the goals of this meeting. The total assets of the debtor are calculated and their value is listed. After the above mentioned steps have been completed the debts are classified and prioritized on the basis of most urgent loans. An initial payment plan is also proposed by the attorney and the discussion of any agreement to save any certain property from being confiscated and sold out is also laid out.

As soon as the bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio has been hired, it is his problem to deal with all the creditors. If the creditors contact you, the attorney has to deal with them on your behalf. It is very important for you to know that the creditors can only contact you if the case has yet not been taken to the court.

  • First, a case has been filed and the court gets involved the creditors can neither call you nor contact you using any other means. Once all these basics have been covered the attorney has to move towards the other steps.
  • Second, the preparation and filling of the bankruptcy petition. To fill the petition, the attorney has to go through all your financials and assets in details.

He will also require some documents to establish the case and fulfill the legal requirements. Although, this might seem simple, yet it is a very lengthy procedure as the petition form may be somewhere between thirty to sixty pages in length depending upon the extent of the bankruptcy and the number of the clients. After all the documents have been collected and gone over in detail by the attorney, he will fill the petition form and bring it to you to check for any errors or mistakes. After you cross check the forms you will sign them and the petition will be sent to the court. Once the trial begins, the lawyer will fight the case and represent you in the court as well.

How Would Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in San Antonio will help you

Chapter 13 is one of repayment plan made to debtors by the court of law. The chapter 13 Bankruptcy will only give when the debtor has regular income and he promises to repay money to creditor. Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in San Antonio will have much more benefits to recover the money. In this choice the debtor should accept to pay all the debt money within the given time. This duration will be decided by court and it can be three to five years maximum.

The chapter 13 bankruptcy is used to secure the valuable assets where it can be taken in chapter 7 bankruptcy. This will help you to repay the amount in intervals and the debtor has possible time to repay the debt amount. Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in San Antonio also helps you to release remaining dischargeable debts at the final stages of given time. Here are some of the things you need know about chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Things to know about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:


The main intention to file chapter 13 bankruptcy cases is it helps to secure all the valuable assets like car, house, and other properties. In chapter 7 bankruptcy the court will decide to validate the debtor properties and share it in equivalent to creditors. In chapter 7 the creditors will benefit more when compared to chapter 13.

Protecting properties using chapter 13 bankruptcies is best benefit you can get as you are a debtor. The lawyer you hire also explains you the same things. When you have potential power to repay the debt amounts then Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in San Antonio is the best choice to clear the money. Hence many people choose this way to repay the money.

The court will give time to clear the debt money to the debtors. This duration is based on his regular source of income and other factors. You need to have regular conversations with the bankruptcy lawyer to get best results in the case. Hence hiring an efficient lawyer also helps you out in chapter 13 bankruptcies.

How to hire chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyer:

There are several factors you need to check while hiring the best lawyer to clear your bankruptcy cases. Some of these factors are experience, effective, convenience, affordability, and etc.

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in San Antonio with the help of efficient lawyers has several benefits to you. These people know each and every term & Conditions in the given case and can protect you to not lose assets. Once you hire them they will take good care of the case. These people also will fill out all the required forms for the bankruptcy case.

Experience also works best in the bankruptcy cases. These people can ensures you to win the case against creditors more than when compared to the beginners. Hence these are the possible things you need to know about Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in San Antonio.




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