Auto body shop plano

Auto Body maintenance – Services to make sure velocity and performance of Your Vehicle

An Auto body shop Plano is a comprehensive procedure where your scratched car will be refurbished to its previous form after it met with an accident. It is a method by which the dents and the blemished parts of the car are being customized to give a new obvious appearance. Your job is to eliminate dents, mount new doors, hoods and windshields, and replace body panels. They use special measuring equipment and carry out welding repairs.

Labor activities

  • A repairer of car bodies fixes damaged vehicles by restoring the vehicle’s body to its original shape.
  • To put the vehicle back into circulation, use brackets and a template to straighten the chassis.
  • The work in a vehicle body repair workshop consists of eliminating dents or filling them with plastic compounds.

They also fit new doors, bonnets, windshields, bumpers, and panels supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. Sometimes, they cut and shape metal sheets on a workbench, and perform welding or rivets directly on the vehicle. They can also request replacement parts.

Some also apply paint to the bodies, in which case they have to clean the new area or repaired with solvents, and cover windows and chrome parts to protect them from the paint spray. Areas that do not need to be painted must be covered or dismantled.

Next, apply a preparatory layer and create the paint mixture that matches the rest of the vehicle, apply the necessary spray layers and polish the final coat. They can use computer technology to calculate the paint mix and obtain the exact tonality.

The work is usually done undercover, in garages and workshops, and under artificial light. The workshops can be noisy.

Car body repairers usually spray paint, inside special cabins with extractors. They wear overalls or other protective clothing against dirt, oil, and grease. They wear masks to protect themselves from dust and fumes.

Professional profile

To occupation in an auto corpse refurbish shop you need:

  • Manual skills.
  • Be patient and careful to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Practical skills
  • Ability to pay attention to details.
  • Being able to work well without supervision, since you may spend time alone in the repair shop.
  • Good communication skills, to deal with clients.
  • Good teamwork skills.
  • A responsible and conscious approach to workplace safety.
  • Be physically fit and feel agile, as this job involves bending, lifting, and lying underneath the vehicles.
  • A color vision test may be required. You may also need a driver’s license.
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  • Competencies
  • Apply a paint finish to the vehicles.
  • Good coordination
  • Good physical shape
  • Capacity for teamwork.
  • Able to follow regulations on health and safety.
  • Able to work both by yourself and as a group.
  • Able to use tools.
  • Practical skills
  • Install new doors, hoods, and windshields.
  • Board pieces of metal welding them.
  • Eye for detail.
  • Operates machinery.
  • Repairs the damage to the bodywork of motor vehicles.